Make your own Cider

A day’s cidermaking for groups of up to twenty people - £25 each

The cost includes coffee on arrival,  lunch with cider and perry.

You will experience the cider making process from collecting the fruit in the orchard to preparing the juice for fermentation.

You will learn about the varieties of cider apple and their characteristics and over lunch you will taste the different ciders and perries we produce.

The day begins with the collection of the cider apples and you will then help to wash and crush the apples ready for pressing.

After crushing the apples you will learn the art of building ‘cheeses’ of pulp and pressing them on our 200 year old wooden press. A few turns of the screw and the golden river of apple juice will begin to flow.

You can make the Cider at home

If you wish to take it home to make it yourself we will pour the juice into two or three 10 litre screw top containers. 

We will test the juice for specific gravity and acidity and give you printed notes on what you need to do to during the next few months.

At home you will need a barrel with an airlock in which the cider will ferment. 

We can supply a 10 litre screw top containers at £4 each, and 30 litre fermentation barrels with stopper and airlock at £15 each.

Or take some away

You can choose a bottle from our range of ciders.  Get in touch.

Get in touch

To arrange your cidermaking day ring 01531 660257,
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Find out more on how we produce our cider.